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FY21-22 Event Calendar

Shaken, not stirred: An elegant evening of intrigue and high stakes

La Luna, Rochester: 9/23

COVID has flattened the world even more so than it was. What’s the geopolitical impact, and the latest consumer tech trends to emerge? Set with a 007 backdrop to kick off a fun year!

We’ll Discuss: trends in Geopolitics, Consumer Tech and High Stakes Negotiation

Disruption of Higher Education

Kin Event Space, Rochester: 10/21

With COVID impacting families financially and all the student debt out there how is higher education being transformed? Michael Huseby will be hosting a keynote presentation for this event.

We’ll Discuss: cost of higher education and predatory lending practices, ROI, emerging trends and competitors

The Pro and Collegiate Sports Experience

Syracuse, NY: 11/14/21

Rule changes that will stick because of pandemic, consumption of sport content evolving, experience at venues; economics and player access.

We’ll Discuss: Economics of landscapes in professional sports

Billions: Esports, Twitch and the New Scholarship

Magic Spells, Rochester: 12/16

Video games have evolved into an industry that is full of promise, and possible professional careers.

We’ll Discuss: parenting and the screen-time divide vs. e-sports scholarship

The Unexplainable

Planetarium, Rochester: 1/13

We’re living in times when we’ve regularly been exposed to things we never thought would happen; what if we’re not alone?

We’ll Discuss: UFOs and other unexplainable phenomenon

The Evolution of Gender Identity

Butler Till, Rochester, NY: 2/10

Recently the term “gender-fluid” has become a household term. This begs the question: should gender define us?

We’ll Discuss: Challenging Gender Norms

Emerging Companies & Industries: Achieving Uber Growth

George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY: 3/24

A Shark Tank-style interactive event with transformative and emerging companies in our area!

We'll Discuss: Fastest growing industries in Upstate, New York

Coming Full Circle, Italian Renaissance Trip To Italy

Florence & Siena, Italy: 4/23-4/30

A first class experiential trip with behind the scenes tours and access to art, music, and culinary experiences.

“Rebirth” out of the Black Plague in Italy; art, culture, food, music

A New Take: ADHD as a Superpower

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY: 5/12

John Torrens discusses how, in the context of entrepreneurship, ADHD can aid an individual in starting and running a business.

We’ll Discuss: transformative research into ADHD from YPO Member, John Torrens.

Revitalizing A Community One House At A Time

Rochester, NY: YPO Spouse Event, Date To Be Announced Soon

Spend a day working together on a Habitat for Humanity Home. Learn new skills, learn about Habitat, and learn the impact a single day can have in a family’s life.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Health Care, A Year End Celebration

The Lodge, Skaneatles: 6/9

The pandemic has changed how we communicate with our doctors and caregivers, and where capital is being allocated in medicine.

We’ll Discuss: telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and try out new technologies first hand.


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